Smiss Peak Vape Smiss Portable Premium Vaporizer Loose Leaf Dry Herb Vape

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  1. sleek compact design, portable for vaping anwhere
  2. High-Efficiency Heating System and generate super thick vapor
  3. 3 Range Temperature Control: 385F/400F/415F(196C-205C-215C)
  4. Advanced ceramic heating chamber allows for clean and pure vaping
  5. Overheat protection, Short curcuit protection, NTC protection and Low power protection 


Product description


Peakvape Match Dry Herb Vaporizer is a lightweight and portable vape kit. The wooden exterior makes it looks elegant. It features temperature memory function and 3 levels temperature can be adjustable. It adopts 1.1ml ceramic heating chamber to produce pure flavor and clean vaping experience. The detachable mouthpiece is easily removable from the top of the device. Moreover, it also comes with two different sizes of filter to accommodate herb of various grinds. The Peakvape Match Dry Herb Vaporizer is designed to deliver a mindful experience and maximum value.



Whats included

1*Peakvape device

1*Cable Cleaning Brush

1*USB Charging Cord

1*Mesh Filters