Airis Herbva viva premium Portable Vaporizer

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  1. OLED Display HD OLED display, small screen shows big functions!
  2. Ceramic Chamber Healyhy ceramic heating chamber produces pure vapor
  3. Big Battery Capacity 2200mah big capacity ensures your long enjoyment
  4. Fast Heating it takes only 20s – 30s to reach your desired temperature no more waiting
  5. Micro USB Charging Universal micro USB chaging port, designed for your convenience ar any time any where


Product description

User Instruction: 
1.Using Turning on/off: Press the Power button 5 times rapidly within 3 seconds to turn on the device. A flashing blue light will appear indicating that your device is heating up, when the light turns solid, (And Heat on LED changes to Warm) you are ready to operate. Press the button 5 times again to turn device off. 
2. Baking state: While Viva is baking, the temperature is increasing and working situation is "heat", which are displayed on the screen. Meanwhile, power button's light is flashing When your desired temperature is set, the temperature stops increasing, "heat" changes to "warm", and power button's light stops flashing.

Product Specification:

Size: 129mm*27mm*27mm

Use for: Dry Herb Only

Battery Capacity: 2200mAh Lithium Polymber Battery

Color: black

Weight: 200g

Turn On/Off: 5 Times Clich on Power Button

Temperature Range: 300F – 435F (119C – 224C)

Automatically Turn Off: 5 minutes Shutoff(Safety Feature)

Charging Port: Micro Usb Charging Chamber

Heating Methord: No Combusting, Baking Technoligy

Replaceable Parts: Mouthpiece

Warranty: 1 Year

Heat Up Time: 20 Seconds

Screen: OLED Screen




1* Viva 


1*Carry Bag 

1*User Manual 

1*Cleaning Brush 

1* Dab Tool

1*Gift box