BLK Nova Kingtons Black Herbal Vaporiser Electronic Cigarette Dry Herb Vaporizer with Wide Deep Chamber Oven

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  1. For a Vaporizer under £30.00 the BLK delivers high quality vapour and great flavour
  2. The BLK fits in your pocket, carry it with you wherever you go. 
  3.  The in built rechargable 1600mAh battery gives your plenty of vaping time and heating the chamber takes seconds. For convenience charge your device with any micro USB cable
  4. The Submarine utilises an LED control system which allows you to track temperature and battery life from the colours displayed by the LED's.
  5. easy to use Just load the top chamber oven with the desired product, 5 fast clicks to turn on/off the battery.


Product description

1):Battery Life

Once the device is on, the main indictor light indicates as following:a.GREEN indicates a battery life of >25% b.RED indicates a battery life of <25%

2):Low Battery

During power on or heating, all the temperature lights would be in RED color for 3 seconds. After 3 times flashing from the top to bottom, the motor will vibrate 2 seconds, and then automatically power off.


Micro USB charging During charging, the light will flash in RED color, and it will turn GREEN when it is fully charged. Please disconnect the charging source after charging complete.

4):Temperature lndicator LED

It has 4 preset temperatures:374F,392F,428F

Once the vaporizer is turned on, after 2 seconds it starts heating up to its preset temperature 392F. The temperatures indicator light is RED while the vaporizer is heating up, and BLUE once the temperature is reached. The motor will vibrate 2 seconds.

5):Temperature Control

To switch between temperatre, press and hold the control button for 1.5 seconds. Continue to hold the button when needing to switch past more than one temperature setting. When the vaporizer is turned on, it automatically heats up to the previously used temperature setting.

6):Power Off

When the device is on, press the control button 5 times quickly to turn the device off. The motor will vibrate 2 seconds. Once the device has been on for 5 minutes, the motor will vibrate 2 seconds, and then automatically power off.

7):Fault Indication

When the main indicator light flases RED or GREEN, this indicates that there is a fault in the unit. The most common eason for it to indicate as such is due to excessive internal heating-usually caused byprolonged continuous use. Therefore, make sure the device is not plugged into charge, allow the device to cool down a bit, and try using it after.



1*Packing tool

1*brush 1*tweezer

1* Wax cup

1*USE charger